What about ExtDesenv.com?

ExtDesenv was the name of my blog were I used to publish articles about Sencha Frameworks – Ext JS and Touch – and everything in between. It started in March 16th 2009 and after 4 years I decided to rebrand it.

At first it was all focused on the Sencha Brazilian Community – my home country – including the name:

ExtDesenv = Ext + Desenvolvimento, which translates to English as ExtDev = Ext + Development

My initial thought was to try something small and local. Add more people to the team and etc. With time it grew a lot and it also became much more personal to me. So that’s why I decided to take ExtDesenv as my own blog and rebrand it.

All the content is still here, but now much more personal than ever ;)

1 Year Commemorative Design back in 2009

1 Year Commemorative Redesign back in 2010