Sencha ION Beta Sign-up

When Ext Designer came, everyone was exciting not only to finally put hands on this great product, but also to see an Ext JS application running natively on the desktop. As all the other curious developers, I did some research and come with the post Ext ION: rumors of a new product. This was back in April 2010, when I wasn’t even a Sencha employee.

For my surprise, my predictions were confirmed last week! Sencha announced the private beta sign-up for ION. On the short description, the product is labeled as a way to wrap Ext JS Web applications in a native desktop shell.

Sencha “ION” is a project that enables packaging of Ext JS applications in to a native desktop shell (think “PhoneGap for the Desktop” :-). We are currently interested in beta testers who are looking to deploy their web apps as desktop applications. You may be interested in doing this if you are looking to distribute your app through a System Management Service, or if you have IE6/7/8 on your corporate environment but want to take advantage of HTML5 features in your app, or many other scenarios. Sencha “ION” technology will appear in various Sencha products over the course of the next year, and this is an early opportunity to test it out and provide us with feedback on how we can make it work best for you.

In my opinion the biggest impact is in organizations that are locked in old browsers. That way developers can use ION to make use of the best HTML5 features, without carrying about old browsers.

If you have a cool project and is willing to test it, sign up for the beta! For all the others, let’s wait some more to see what is coming!