Ext ION: rumors of a new product

Finally Ext Designer has been released! Developers around the world were able, last week, to download their 14 days trial copy of the software. The videos and demos posted previously reflected well the final product, which has drag ‘n drop features, integration with data from a server, instant preview, export code and etc … The team is still working hard over the designer and we are all certain that the product will suffer good updates until the end of the year.

But the post today is not to discuss the designer, but the rumors of a possible new product from Ext JS team! Designer’s demos available last year ran on the Adobe Air platform, but what we saw in the final version was not quite in line with what we know about Air Applications. Installer was totally different, not using the default Adobe Air, and also the s.o. files were different.

I noticed, when I installed, that the .dll files were pre-named with Qt, which is a Nokia cross-platform framework. So the team had ditched Air and opted for Nokia Qt?

I thought I had closed the question, but today, watching the video of Ext JS meetup organized by Jay Garcia, I noticed what is perhaps the new Ext JS product. It’s called ION and would be an API for developing cross-platform apps (based on Qt?). My impression is that the team is aware of the tendency to create web applications that run on desktop and go into the Air/Titanium Market with their own solution.

Anyway, rumors are exciting, and can be confirmed within 1 to 2 months. Let’s wait and hope, perhaps, another great product of Ext JS.