1 ano de ExtDesenv: novos recursos e layout

Finally the new ExtDesenv is online! I’ve been hiding for a while investing time in reshaping the portal that is now published! This month we’re celebrating 1 year of existence, and nothing better than giving a general review. I started this project in a very simply way, with a very cheap hosting and a standard wordpress layout. Now ExtDesenv has a very good hosting from DreamHost and a personalized layout.

My greatest achievement is perhaps the inclusion of multi-language plugin, which allows me to create posts in both Portuguese and English. Adding my little knowledge in English with a little help from Google Translate I will try to meet our friends outside of Brazil, seeking a higher profile not only to ExtDesenv, as well as the Brazilian community of programmers. We have very good projects here and I’m sure we can make beneficial trade with outsiders. Please consider that I am not a native language speaker so I can make many grammatical errors that I hope you help me to correct writing to my email.

Besides this feature it is also important to comment the new posts, comments and tags navigation made with Ajax. It is possible to see the latest posts, the most popular, most recent comments, and tags from the blog.

Also, I tried a lot to search a good twitter plugin to put here on the blog. The old one show only my tweets, while this search twetts of various authors and also by subject, in case #extjs. So all you have going on in twitter about Ext and tweets of people I follow, will appear alongside.

In addition I changed the examples page. I was using a layout based on the official examples page, and decided to make my own more integrated into the blog.

And to complete, a “bookcase” with books and suggested list of interesting links, so that I can share with you good resources that I find about our Ext JS world and RIA development.

I am very pleased with the overhaul and now I have everything (almost) done I can concentrate on making articles, tutorials and resume my idea of writing courses. I hope you enjoy and appreciate the new portal, as you have been done in that 1 year of ExtDesenv life.